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  1. I just started using Fame-FX and “IT JAMS”!!!

    Words really can’t describe how much I’m enjoying using the mix outs and loops. It really steps up my rhythmic game!

    Thanks guys!
    Mike Lindsey
    Creative Director
    Imaging Whiz

  2. ..pardon me…just trying to find somewhere to use Impact Loop 10 XXX……

    Ok…So…I love having new FX packages to play with. And FameFX….What a cool package. It’s modern without being too aggressive. It cuts through. Lots of mixouts and versions, which is VERY important. So many times you might like a sound or bed but just without one of the layers….Here you get the sound, the sound with a trail….Bleep alone, bleep combined with a hit, bleep with hit and trail…..all different ways.

    These sounds are big and thick. You’ll love putting them in your promos, sweepers, layovers….whatever you’re doing!! It’s good for CHR, Rock, Hot AC…almost anything!

    Great work Andy & Oli!!

    Dan Kelly
    Creative Services Director
    WPLJ, New York, NY

  3. Blown away! One of my favorite SFX libraries to date! Great variations of the different effects…very effective for any type of promo or sweeper…long effects and short hits that work wonders! The beds are absolutely brilliant! I love the broken down versions, you can go full force or take the same beat and use the simple drum version of it, amazing!! Love it, keep up the great work!

    Justin Case
    Imaging Director
    KDLW 106-7 OMG Radio & Classic Hits Big 98.5, USA

  4. Hey Oli & Andy,
    Like your demo babe says…you nailed it!
    This is an absolutely great package. And the price is sensational!
    Super duper fresh state-of-the-art FX. They sound different from other effects I own and know. And that’s good!!! Fantastic beds! They fit our station like custom-made.
    Great job guys!

    Alexander Gruber
    Head of Production
    KRONEHIT, Austria

  5. 2DAYFM – now bought to you by added fame.

    The boys from Soundquadrat have delivered the rolls royce of SFX bundles. Cutting Edge elements that are broken down into several workparts to enable ease of use. With some killer electro beds and floor filla beats, this is definitely a must have library to have in your arsenal

    David Konsky
    Today Network Image Production Manager
    2DAYFM Sydney, Australia

  6. The brand new Fame FX package came just in the right time. Our production needed a new punch for several radio stations we’re doing imaging work, and boy! it sounds punchy and fresh!
    I was beaten and slapped in the face by the sound first time we’ve used it, especially beats and sonic impact stuff. The mixouts are top quality, beyond all expectations.
    Our clients were not prepared for this, so the reaction to the first imaging pieces using Fame FX was “Oh yeah, just keep it coming!”
    That’s why Fame FX is our new library of choice today. Great job, Soundquadrat! Cheers!

    Pedja Radivojevic
    Floyd Media Productions, imaging radio stations across Eastern Europe

  7. The boys from Soundquadrat continue to blow us away! Fame FX is absolutely incredible.
    The major thing that gets me about Fame FX is that every piece is COMPLETE and totally usable, other production packages contain half-finished or experimental effects which you just can’t use or have to combine with other FX… Fame is completely polished and upon my first listen of every piece I could automatically think of a promotion or production piece I could use it on – I’m loving it! Andy and Oli rock!

  8. This is a very amazing package. I had been using about 2 of my …many… packages all the time and this is now going to the top of my go-to sets of sounds. One of the most important factors is the Naming and Grouping of sounds and this is exactly how I like it for maximum efficiency. You guys did a great job! Oh and I already used it for a station re-image.

  9. Well to keep it simple: maybe the best deal i´ve ever made!
    Fame Fx is an absolutely fantastic and outstanding package
    with a great concept behind and an incredible flexibility.
    Cinema for the ears!

    Roland Blum
    Head of Production
    LRF, Liechtenstein

    P.S.: I guess I´ll sell my tv today

  10. the guys from germany have done it again! i don’t know what you’re eating (or drinking) over there but fameFX is top notch stuff!

    big fx, SUPER fat beats (my personal fave), flexibility and expansion, it’s a very powerful sounding package sure to shake up a few sets of studio monitors!

    keep up the great work guys! i’ll bill ya for the studio monitors you just broke!

    mike santos
    creative services director
    alice 105.9/denver, co USA

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