Free FX

Fame FX is the only self extending Sound FX package ever.

By purchasing Fame FX you will receive a personal PayPal number.
This number will get you heaps of new cutting edge elements without paying for it.

Our promise:
For every copy been sold we’ll crank out additional workparts and Sound FX. Reaching the milestones below, you (as one of the first purchasers) will receive an email including an url and password for our secret download area. As earlier you buy the more you get.

Fame FX Milestones:
025 copies sold: additional 10 Elements for the first 25 purchasers
050 copies sold: additional 25 Elements for the first 25 purchasers
100 copies sold: additional 50 Elements for free for the first 100 purchasers
300 copies sold: Fame FX 2  for free for the first 300 purchasers


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  2. […] only vote one time. Fame FX is available April 25th right here and has some great specials and bonuses set up for the first guys buying it. So be fast, because Fame FX is the first self extending Sound FX […]

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